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A tool for keeping innovation safe

More than ever, the competitive edge of a business is now measured in terms of its ability to innovate, defining increasingly efficient tools and solutions to meet market requirements.

Technologies, products, cutting edge industrial processes that represent an invaluable capital for every company and must be suitably protected to fully maximise their potential, safe from all risks.

What we offer you

We work in tandem with the inventors and/or with our associates abroad to correctly identify the object(s) to protect, carrying out preliminary research and identifying the most convenient methods and times for protecting patents.

We evaluate any risky situations and obstacles – third party patents or particular legislative/contractual conditions – to avoid legal disputes or futile administrative sanctions.

We devise the most suitable patent description for the specific technology in hand and the countries in which we are aiming to obtain protection. We then take care of the registration process, managing all the operations from start to finish, from examination to granting, including the payment of the official taxes for the entire duration of the intellectual property right.

We manage the extension to Italy and Europe of patent protection applied for in other countries, for instance by managing the entire process to obtain the granting of a European patent (possibly deriving from an earlier procedure of a PCT International Application) or simply validating a European patent in Italy and/or San Marino.

We guarantee administrative/legal support in case of third party disputes (third party observations, oppositions, warning letters, cease & desist letters…), as well as intervening against infringing third parties.

We manage all the phases of third party negotiations in relation to licences, acquisitions and partnerships (also in the preliminary phases for the definition of  R&D and NDA agreements).

Thanks to our global network of professionals, we are capable of helping you extend the protection of your inventions to any country in the world.

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Fumero S.r.l.
Registered Office:
Via Sant’Agnese, 12 – 20123 – Milano
T.: 02 878331 – Fax: 02 89010386
R.I.MI – C.F. – P.IVA (VAT): 01903800157
REA:  MI 883874

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