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Specialists in intellectual property protection

For a company that wants to stand out, intellectual property is everything: it’s the recognisability of a distinctive mark, the individuality of a characteristic design, the unique alchemy of its know-how, the innovative potential of a patent, the ingeniousness of a software application. It’s the product of the intelligence, creativity and commitment of its people, a key asset of primary importance, the result of investments in resources, that must be defended from attempts by others to exploit it and all kinds of unfair competition.
Our task is to provide you with all the tools you need to identify and enforce your rights, and to protect the intellectual property of your business in Europe and worldwide.

For over a century we have been pulling out all the stops to sustain your projects

We were founded thanks to the intuition of a young engineer, Francesco Fumero, one of the

first in Italy to understand the need for a company that would help businesses to protect their ideas and investments.

In fact, he started the company back in 1912, when digital technology had still to be invented, cinema was in its early stages and the car was still a luxury that only a few could afford.

Since then the world has changed and our company has witnessed over a century of innovations, following at close hand the evolution of society and industry and helping to establish the profession of the consultant specialised in trademarks and patents in Italy.

Today we operate on a global scale, through a team of professionals with international experience, from our Italian offices in Milan, Ancona and Varese and our foreign branches in San Marino and Munich, Germany. 

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Our target customers

Intellectual property is always a resource that requires protection, regardless of the type of  business or business field.  

Our customers include large industries, trading companies, start-ups, architects, designers, engineers, artisans and anyone else who needs to obtain a patent, protect a trademark, or defend a design and all other expressions of the human intellect.

We work with key players from the following technological sectors every day: textile machinery, medical, chemical industrial, fashion and design, sport, food & beverage, automation and IT.

We provide each one with our experience and technical and legal know-how, offering a wide range of services tailored to cater for their different requirements, with the goal of helping commendable companies grow, by cultivating their talent with the peace of mind they deserve.

The phases of intervention


On the existence of any previous third party patents, trademarks, designs or intellectual property in global databases; surveillance of third party registration activity


Of intellectual property rights nationally and internationally (patents, trademarks, designs, topographies of semiconductor products, plant varieties, copyright…) and management of the relative bureaucratic procedures


Of intellectual property rights, including payment of the periodic fees, evaluation of
costs/benefits; the definition of agreements and licences based on the requirements of the business and the opportunities in the specific sector


Of intellectual property in Europe and abroad, by monitoring the competition, managing judicial and out-of-court proceedings, also in cooperation with a legal team capable of meeting the customer’s requirements, selected according to the specifics of the case


Fumero S.r.l.
Registered Office:
Via Sant’Agnese, 12 – 20123 – Milano
T.: 02 878331 – Fax: 02 89010386
R.I.MI – C.F. – P.IVA (VAT): 01903800157
REA:  MI 883874

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