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For verifying exclusivity

The research we carry out has the dual purpose of verifying any exclusive rights of third parties that may be relevant to your property and of identifying potential or actual infringements of your rights by third parties

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A safe tool for sustaining innovation

More often than ever, the competitive edge of a business is now measured in terms of its ability to innovate, defining increasingly efficient tools and solutions capable of satisfying the requirements of the market.

Technologies, products, cutting edge industrial processes that represent an
invaluable capital for every company and must be suitably protected to
fully maximise their potential, safe from all risks.

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Protecting and promoting the culture of formshape

Fashion, cuisine, sports cars, decor: Italian design is loved and envied globally for its creative flair and universal appeal. Characteristics that also make it the most imitated style in the world, and this often occurs through unfair and illegal practices. This is why a business – and in particular an Italian one – must think about protecting

the image of its products, to maintain their positions of excellence in relation to those of the competition and discourage companies that make money by trading unauthorised, forged, poor quality alternatives. 

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Defending your distinctive mark

A company’s trademark is its soul, the absolute synthesis of its identity and the cornerstone of its entire universe of values. A trademark is the element that distinguishes a business from all the others and communicates with the customer/consumer, steering their choices and the buying experience in the direction of the company.

From another perspective, the trademark is the maximum expression of the dematerialisation of an asset, as it is a suitable tool for transferring to the consumer the appealing values of a product. A resource of this calibre must therefore be protected to preserve the company’s ability to stand out, maintaining its uniqueness and consolidating its brand awareness over time.


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Intellectual property management

Optimising the management of your resources

For any company today, intellectual property is an invaluable resource: knowing how to manage and protect it is a fundamental requisite for competing in a global market that is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive.

To do this, in-depth knowledge of the legislative tools available, the markets and the differences between the various countries is essential. These are precious skills for the company, of key importance when it comes to exercising its rights and creating new opportunities for development.

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Software and unpublished works

To protect copyright, it is useful to unquestionably establish the authorship and creation/publication dates of the works in question and explicitly identify their creative aspects.

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Industrial property protection

Market surveillance and legal intervention.

To render operational the effects of the property rights, active protective measures must be implemented.

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The value of industrial and trade secrecy

To access the protection envisaged by the Industrial Property Code or tax benefits, (patent-boxes for example), know-how must be identified and suitable measures must be taken to preserve its confidentiality

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