Other, less traditional, IP items are handled by our firm. To give some example, we can take care of requesting security clearance for patent applications to be filed abroad, filing plant variety applications before either the Italian PTO or the Community Plant Variety Office, monitoring infringing goods at the IT and EU customs, etc.


A number of administrative tasks during the life of IP rights - like monitoring deadlines and payment of annuity and renewal fees, recording transfers of ownership/licences/security interests, availability searches, investigations on the status and working of patents, etc - are performed with a simple, direct and cost-effective approach.

Besides these traditional tasks, we offer highly qualified assistance in evaluation of IP assets, negotiating transfer of IP portfolio and/or licences and technical-legal assistance in case of lawsuits (usually in cooperation with reliable and independent lawyers; we can either cooperate with lawyers directly chosen by the Client or propose a choice of possible lawyers tailored on the particular needs of the Client). Our professionals are also involved by the Italian Courts as Technical Experts of the judge, which allows them to keep a good experience on the best practices and specific strategies to be followed in the IP cases.